It is human nature that we keep to ourselves.  We mingle with people we know and familiar with.  We keep to our comfort zone.  It takes courage or determination to reach out to meet new friends, especially people who are different from us.  The main objective of this event is to draw out people from different cultures to one event.  This particular event will feature something they are familiar with, i.e. their own culture, especially at the same time will feature something new and different.  By participating in this event, they learn about the culture of other ethnic groups, they can see, hear and even participate to be able to feel they actually belong to one big family, Canada.

The Multicultural Heritage – Music & Movement is just like a highway, a bridge and even a sky train, people can take and be connected to India, Japan, Ukraine and China.  This event will bring harmony and cultural awareness to our society.

  1. To have a wonderful day for the community.
  2. To celebrate Canada Day and the Canadian Multiculturalism Day.
  3. To enrich the cultural wealth of Canada.
  4. To celebrate and build awareness of Canadian Multicultural culture
  5. To foster and create partnerships within the community.
  6. To build inclusivity and foster cultural harmony within Vancouver communities.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes will include:

  1. Partnership with various groups from different cultures. This will build friendship and future opportunity of collaboration.
  2. This project will build culture awareness and harmony in the society.
  3. This project will create opportunity for people to witness the unique art form, culture and tradition of other ethnic communities.