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Vancouver Cantonese Opera was incorporated on June 30th, 2000 as a non-profit organization. On February 23rd, 2005, Vancouver Cantonese Opera was designated as a charitable organization by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The mission of Vancouver Cantonese Opera is to present the unique traditional art of Cantonese opera at the highest level to both Chinese and non-Chinese audience. We also strive to collaborate with our stakeholders to meet the fundamental need for spiritual and aesthetic satisfaction and richness in our lives.


  1. Artistic excellence – creates high quality works; maintain high standards and creative excellence from all performers.
  2. Education – Provide educational seminars/workshops to the community and schools to broaden the reach, appreciation and understanding of Cantonese opera.
  3. Accessible, affordable & entertaining performances for the public.
  4. Provide employment opportunities to Cantonese opera artists, musicians and technicians.